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Iron Haven Comics

About the Author

Troy Shaw

Welcome! to my passion project.

This is my first time publishing anything, the stories told in this comic are based on 15 years of playing various homemade D&D games, the stories of which have been a continuation of that first game I played with my brothers when I was just 12, D&D has always been growing alongside me and telling stories, acting out characters, world-building and entertaining others has always been something I've greatly enjoyed.

For years now I've been planning on bringing the setting and a few characters, who mean a great deal to me, to life in some medium, I've learned a lot just getting this far, and even if this comic doesn't take off, this was still worth it to me in the end.

With all that said, please enjoy, and please consider supporting me on my Patreon if you did, every bit goes a long way to keep the lights on while I work to bring more of this world to life.  


Comic Artist


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